Advantages of the binary options indicator MT4

Using this binary options indicator allows to define in advance best terms for trading.
It gives most accurate signals to do deals with minimizing risks.

Uses PriceAction

For market prognosis it the price that has more significance, not its history. Therefore, the indicator works on the basis of PriceAction.

Informs in advance about % success

The market is changing. The indicator analyses it on the regular basis and informs about a possibility of identified signals success.

Sends PUSH/ALERT notifications

Set up receiving binary options indicator signals to your mobile phone through PUSH or notification through MetaTrader4 terminal.

Principles of indicator functioning

BinaryManagerPA indicator identifies signals on PriceAction patterns using a complex algorithm to filtrate and confirm signals. Thanks to this algorithm accuracy of signals significantly increases.

For each signal the indicator calculates a possibility of doing a successful deal in percentage to enable to you to assess a degree of risk and make a decision about doing a deal.

You don’t need to monitor binary options indicator signals in MetaTrader4 terminal. The indicator itself will send you notification to the terminal with a sound alert, or it can send PUSH-notification to your mobile phone, if it has MetaTrader4 application installed.

Indicator settigns

[1/2/3 case] Number of expiration candles - count of candles for expiration, it's using for calculation the result and probability of each expiration case (max 3);
Number of candles from history for calc %WinRate - count of analysis candles from history for evaluation the state of the market;
Signal_1 (based on PA) - on/off detect the signals, based on PriceAction;
Confirm Signal_1 - on/off check for Signal_1;
Signal_2 (based on Indicators) - on/off detect the signals, based on the indicators;
Confirm Signal_2 - on/off check for Signal_2;
Interval of display arrow near signal - arrow offset interval under/above signal candle;
Offset for text near arrow - offset for upper text of signal candle with precente of profitable deals;
Signal alert - on/off notification ALERT in MetaTrader4 terminal;
Signal push - on/off notification PUSH in mobile phone;

Allow trading time - allow trading time when you will got the signals from indicator;
Bind text corner - display text of statistic in right or left corner of window;
Color for corner text - color of corner information text of the indicator;
Color for text above signal arrow - color of information text above candle (bear signal);
Color for text under signal arrow - color of information text under candle (bull signal).

Rules of trading and risk management in case of using the binary options indicator

This indicator is not a ‘miraculous’ means of getting rich, therefore,
use it in accordance with all requirements of trading and risk management.

You can use the BinaryManagerPA indicator with any timeframes and currency pairs, but please keep in mind that like any other indicators it has such a feature that the lower timeframe, the lower reliability of signals. Using binary options indicators for timeframes from M15 and higher is recommended. You should remember that higher timeframes mean better signals.

If the indicator shows a possibility lower than 65%, then using it for the given currency pair and timeframe is not recommended until the situation on the market changes. You should better choose another tool and timeframe for trading.

To trade in intraday (given timeframe is less than day-time), it is not recommended using the indicator on the market which has very low or, on the contrary, very high volatility. Low volatility can be observed during night hours, and high volatility can happen when important news comes out. Usually in such periods price can be unpredictable, its changes in any direction are chaotic, and size of candlesticks is minimal at low volatility and huge at high volatility. According to observations, in such periods the indicator can give a lot of false signals in spite of the prognosis percentage.

You should always use the equal amount of entry, its maximum amount should not exceed 1% of your deposit, irrespective of the percentage of a successful deal shown by your indicator. While trading put at risk only the amount of money you can afford losing.

Ignore signals that contradict strong trends and levels of support and resistance. At such moments it is better to wait until the change of direction is confirmed or keep from trading.

Feedback about the indicator BinaryManagerPA

You opinion and feedback about BinaryManagerPA binary option indicator is very important to us, as it helps us constantly improve it.

Reviews about the indicator

Price of indicator rent

Development of this indicator took over three years. It is based on the successful time-proved binary options trading strategy.
I can share it with you for a symbolic price.



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Video about trading with BinaryManagerPA indicator

To get an idea of BinaryManagerPA indicator in real trading and to assess its effectiveness,
please watch this video.